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Online technology transfer workshop


Learn more about this topic with the expert Eng. Joseph Kahwaji.

“Guidelines for most important grazing plant species in Lebanon“ and much more!!!

Policy makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, private companies and other stakeholders involved in the grazed woodlands sector in Lebanon are invited to this free online workshop.

6th edition of “Agroecologia al Centro”

The open day of the Agri-Environmental Research Center “Enrico Avanzi” titled “Diversification of Crop Systems for Sustainability and Resilience” will take place on Tuesday, May 30. It will be possible to explore, along three tracks, the role of diversification at the genetic level, at the crop species level and at the landscape level.

The event is organized in collaboration with the research teams of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agri-environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa and the Plant Science Research Center of the Sant’Anna School of Pisa on the occasion of the ASviS Festival of Sustainable Development.

Registration is required for participation. Register

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Pathway 1. The role of diversification at the genetic level

Daniele Antichi, Elisa Lorenzetti, Maria Munoz, Lara Abou Chehade, Paolo Bàrberi, Luciana Angelini

CiRAA and Scuola Sant’Anna will present their genetic improvement and varietal comparison activities on the main cereal and legume crops of the Mediterranean area, including the selection of durum wheat varieties suitable for the organic method and the characterization of chickpea and lentil genetic resources.
Parcours 2. The role of diversification at the crop species level.

Camilla Moonen, Alessandro Triacca, Gabriele Nerucci, Gilbert Koskey, Daniele Antichi, Federico Leoni

The pathway will consist of three stages: the chickpea stage, the lentil stage and the clover stage.
Pathway 3. The role of diversification at the landscape level

Alberto Mantino, Stefano Carlesi, Lorenzo Tamacere, Massimo Sbrana, Giovanni Pecchioni, Daniele Antichi, Marcello Mele

Results from the ARNINO L.T.E. long-term trial, in which two crop rotations are compared in two systems: agroforestry and conventional, and from the AGROFORCES trial, in which the productivity of different herbaceous crops in intercropping with rows of managed very short-cycle poplar (Short rotation forestry) is evaluated.

Presentation of the LIVINGAGRO project and its dedicated ICT platform

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Framed within the activities of the LIVINGAGRO project (Activity 2.7.1), the event will have the following agenda:

  • General introduction to the LIVINGAGRO project;
  • Current knowledge on Agroforestry policies, economic trends, main challenges, threats and opportunities;
  • Presentation of the two Catalogues of Innovations;
  • Presentation of the LIVINGAGRO ICT platform: access, sections and functionalities;
  • Session dedicated to 4Ps agreement;
  • Participative activities;
  • Conclusions.
Online workshop: Different soil management practices in olive orchards

Here is the solution!! Results of field trials testing different soil management practices in olive orchards with Dr. Abdelkader El Hajj (LARI)

Policy makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, private companies and other stakeholders are invited to this free online workshop.

  • Protect your soil from erosion;
  • Reduce your fertilization costs;
  • Protect our environment;
  • Increase the biodiversity;
  • And much more advantages.

Event call Summary in Arabic Summary in English Workshop presentation in English

Online workshop: Intercropping in olive orchards

Here you have the practical steps based on our field trials with Eng. Faten Dandachi (LARI)

Policy makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, private
companies and other stakeholders are invited to this free online

  • Increase your income;
  • Reduce your production costs;
  • Sell new products;
  • Increase the biodiversity.

Event call Summary in Arabic Summary in English Workshop presentation in English

The Agroforestry Show (UK)

Interest in agroforestry is on the rise across the UK farming and forestry sectors, yet for many there is still uncertainty as to how to put this concept into practice.

Amidst this uncertainty agroforestry presents a huge opportunity for innovation between those who produce food and those who work with trees. Now is the time to break down the historic division between these sectors to work together towards a common purpose of landscape regeneration and sustainable food, fuel and fibre production!

Much more than a trade show, this two-day gathering will inspire land stewards to collaborate and engage with agroforestry through:

  • Knowledge exchange workshops and inspiring talks
  • Farmer and forester-led discussions
  • Agroforestry field walks
  • Live equipment demonstrations
  • Exhibitions and market stalls

Join The Agroforestry Show to build and celebrate the UK’s agroforestry movement!
Know more about the event here

Study day dedicated to Agroforestry in Tuscany (Italy)
Field Visits

Agroforestry is the set of agricultural systems that envisage the cultivation of trees in association with arable land and/or pastures in the same surface unit. It was a widespread practice in the past that, in recent years, is spreading again due to its greater environmental, social and economic sustainability compared to traditional agriculture. Among the main benefits are increased productivity, diversification of production, increased biodiversity, reduced soil erosion, greenhouse gas sequestration, improved microclimate, enhanced landscape, and increased employment on a local scale. Recently, the NEWTON – NEtWork project for agroforestry in TOscaNa, financed by the PSR sub-measure 1.1 and 1.2 of the Region of Tuscany, has studied 2 particularly interesting silvopastoral systems, the Paganico Estate (GR): grazed cerreta (Turkey) and the Pietratonda Estate: grazed cork oak forest (GR).

The event will be entirely in Italian

For more information contact:

Know more on the event here


Two days on Agrosilvopastoral systems in Veneto (Italy)

Two days on Agrosilvopastoral systems in Veneto (Italy)
Event of the University of Padua and Veneto Agricultura
31 March and 1 April 2023

Legnaro (Pd), Benedictine Court and Ceregnano (RO), “Sasse Rami” pilot and demonstration farm.

The University of Padua (DAFNAE and TESAF Departments) and Veneto Agricoltura, with the collaboration of numerous other institutions, are offering two-day’s event on the subject of agroforestry.

On 31 March (14:00-18:30) a technical focus is scheduled in Legnaro (Pd), at the Benedictine Court among stakeholders and operators in the sector. During the meeting, agroforestry principles and techniques, planning, financing and certification opportunities will be discussed.

On 1 April (9:00-12:00) there will be a field visit to the agroforestry plantations of the “Sasse Rami” pilot and demonstration farm of Veneto Agricoltura in Ceregnano (RO).

The initiative is aimed at students, researchers, freelance professionals of the sector, farmers and all stakeholders.

The event can be followed live on the Veneto Agricultura YouTube channel.

The event will be entirely in Italian

Know more on the event here


Sustainable Value Creation Summit

The Sustainable Value Creation Summit is the meeting point between Academia and Industry, where Innovators, Leaders, and Society meet to Create Value and Solve Problems.

This summit is supported by a sustainable mindset aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Triple Bottom Line (society, planet, and financial concerns). The SVCS Summit is powered by the VCW (Value Creation Wheel) Method, a method for Innovation, Decision Making and Problem Solving.

Visit the Summit website here


International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest

In the 12th edition, the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest – CA Ovibeja Prize, with the exclusive support of Crédito Agrícola, positioned as the 1st best in the world along with the prestigious “Mario Solinas”, works as a stimulus for the culture of Portuguese olive oils. Competitiveness and Internationalization stand out among the challenges that open the way for new markets. The results of the competition, which is already in the 11th edition, have revealed high quality olive oil participations from the most varied geographies in the world, which contributes to enrich the contest and its purposes.

The Competition is organized by ACOS – Associação de Agricultores do Sul, em colaboração com a Casa do Azeite – Associação do Azeite de Portugal.

Know more on the contest here


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